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The Rooster
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Roosters are social creatures. A dream type, always impeccably smartly dressed, very well groomed and extravagant. Roosters enjoy being the center of attention, being admired, noticed and they can put on quite melodramatic acts if they feel neglected. Despite their desire to socialize with pretty much anyone and everyone, Roosters are not superficial. They play with open cards and respect those who do the same.

They are exceedingly practical, highly logical, perceptive, perceptive and gifted with excellent analytical skills. Their attention to detail makes them suitable for anything that requires careful analysis. Regardless of the task, The Rooster is honest and a perfectionist.

The Rooster likes to be in control of his surroundings, which includes everyone who is there. Roosters keep an immaculately tidy home and expect their partner, flatmates and family members to have the same high standard. This can lead to friction with other signs who take these relationships lightly.

It is essential that The Rooster has a partner who understands the basic conservative nature of The Rooster. With the right partner, The Rooster is loyal, stable, loving and supportive. If The Rooster doesn’t get along with his partner, that person will often feel something like a performing extra in The Rooster’s private theater performances.

The Rooster can learn to value his heart and soul as much as his good looks. Likewise, The Rooster can often benefit from practicing the philosophy of “live and let live” and stop interfering so much in how other people live their lives.

Chinese Astrology

2017 28.1 Year of The Rooster Fire, Yin
2005 9.2 Year of The Rooster Tree, Yin
1993 23.1 Year of The Rooster Water, Yin
1981 5.2 Year of The Rooster Metal, Yin
1969 17.2 Year of The Rooster Earth, Yin
1957 31.1 Year of The Rooster Fire, Yin
1945 13.2 Year of The Rooster Tree, Yin
1933 26.1
Year of The Rooster Water, Yin

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