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It is a good idea to know and befriend your year animal as this can bring you luck, happiness and wealth.

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Enter date of birth to see your Chinese Animal. It is a really good idea to know and become friends with your seasonal animal, as it can help you in many ways. It is much more than your relationship. It is also your health, luck, happiness and wealth.

In the east they have great respect for the twelve animal signs, and many people have their animal represented in the form of small figures in their homes, just as it is very popular to have jewelry, key rings etc. with the animal.

The cultivation of the animals is done to highlight their innate qualities and personalities. It is believed that the animal of the year for your birth can bring luck, happiness and wealth – if you are good friends!

For an Easterner, it is important to know which weight distribution of the five elements and which animal sign is associated with one’s birthday. These are natural landmarks in a world where you define yourself based on the relationships you enter into i – more than one defines oneself as a detached individual.

For a Chinese, astrology is thus not an independent discipline that can be practiced at will, but an integral part of Chinese daily life where everything is subject to the goal of creating optimal harmony between yin and yang.

Which, by the way, is not the goal in itself.

The state where there is balance and harmony between yin & yang is not the end in itself, but the position that will potentially bring about the greatest progress, happiness, prosperity and luck, for the individual, the group, the village, the community, the nation and the world as a whole.

Since this optimal state of harmony is assumed to be of a fleeting nature, it can hardly be predicted, let alone consciously and purposefully achieved and maintained. And thereby the mindset of constantly seeking towards the optimal state of harmony becomes a way of living, more than it becomes something to deal with separately.

Chinese Astrology

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Note! The Chinese calendar.

2019 5.2 Year of the Pig Soil, Yin
2018 16.2 Year of the Dog Soil, Yang
2017 28.1 Year of The Rooster Fire, Yin
2016 8.2 Year of The Monkey Fire, Yang
2015 19.2 Year of The Goat Wood, Yin
2014 31.1 Year of The Horse Wood, Yang
2013 10.2 Year of the Snake Water, Yin
2012 23.1 Year of the The Dragon Water, Yang
2011 3.2 Year of The Rabbit Metal, Yin

2010 14.2 Year of The Tiger Metal, Yang
2009 26.1 Year of The Ox Soil, Yin
2008 7.2 Year of The Rat Soil, Yang
2007 18.2 Year of the Pig Fire, Yin
2006 19.1 Year of the Dog Fire, Yang
2005 9.2 Year of The Rooster Wood, Yin
2004 22.1 Year of The Monkey Wood, Yang
2003 1.2 Year of The Goat Water, Yin
2002 12.2 Year of The Horse Water, Yang
2001 24.1 Year of the Snake Metal, Yin
2000 5.2 Year of the The Dragon Metal, Yang

1999 16.2 Year of The Rabbit Soil, Yin
1998 28.1 Year of The Tiger Soil, Yang
1997 7.2 Year of The Ox Fire, Yin
1996 19.2 Year of The Rat Fire, Yang
1995 31.1 Year of the Pig Wood, Yin
1994 10.2 Year of the Dog Wood, Yang
1993 23.1 Year of The Rooster Water, Yin
1992 4.2 Year of The Monkey Water, Yang
1991 15.2 Year of The Goat Metal, Yin

1990 27.1 Year of The Horse Metal, Yang
1989 6.2 Year of the Snake Soil, Yin
1988 17.2 Year of the The Dragon Soil, Yang
1987 29.1 Year of The Rabbit Fire, Yin
1986 9.2 Year of The Tiger Fire, Yang
1985 20.2 Year of The Ox Wood, Yin
1984 2.2 Year of The Rat Wood, Yang
1983 13.2 Year of the Pig Water, Yin
1982 25.1 Year of the Dog Water, Yang
1981 5.2 Year of The Rooster Metal, Yin

1980 16.2 Year of The Monkey Metal, Yang
1979 28.1 Year of The Goat Soil, Yin
1978 7.2 Year of The Horse Soil, Yang
1977 18.2 Year of the Snake Fire, Yin
1976 31.1 Year of the The Dragon Fire, Yang
1975 11.2 Year of The Rabbit Wood, Yin
1974 23.1 Year of The Tiger Wood, Yang
1973 3.2 Year of The Ox Water, Yin
1972 15.2 Year of The Rat Water, Yang
1971 27.1 Year of the Pig Metal, Yin

1970 6.2 Year of the Dog Metal, Yang
1969 17.2 Year of The Rooster Soil, Yin
1968 30.1 Year of The Monkey Soil, Yang
1967 9.2 Year of The Goat Fire, Yin
1966 21.1 Year of The Horse Fire, Yang
1965 2.2 Year of the Snake Wood, Yin
1964 13.2 Year of the The Dragon Wood, Yang
1963 25.1 Year of The Rabbit Water, Yin
1962 5.2 Year of The Tiger Water, Yang
1961 15.2 Year of The Ox Metal, Yin

1960 28.1 Year of The Rat Metal, Yang
1959 8.2 Year of the Pig Soil, Yin
1958 18.2 Year of the Dog Soil, Yang
1957 31.1 Year of The Rooster Fire, Yin
1956 12.2 Year of The Monkey Fire, Yang
1955 24.1 Year of The Goat Wood, Yin
1954 3.2 Year of The Horse Wood, Yang
1953 14.2 Year of the Snake Water, Yin
1952 27.2 Year of the The Dragon Water, Yang
1951 6.2 Year of The Rabbit Metal, Yin
1950 17.2 Year of The Tiger Metal, Yang

1949 29.1 Year of The Ox Soil, Yin
1948 10.2 Year of The Rat Soil, Yang
1947 22.1 Year of the Pig Fire, Yin
1946 2.2 Year of the Dog Fire, Yang
1945 13.2 Year of The Rooster Wood, Yin
1944 25.1 Year of The Monkey Wood, Yang
1943 5.2 Year of The Goat Water, Yin
1942 15.2 Year of The Horse Water, Yang
1941 27.1 Year of the Snake Metal, Yin
1940 8.2 Year of the The Dragon Metal, Yang

1939 19.2 Year of The Rabbit Soil, Yin
1938 31.1 Year of The Tiger Soil, Yang
1937 11.2 Year of The Ox Fire, Yin
1936 24.1 Year of The Rat Fire, Yang
1935 4.2 Year of the Pig Wood, Yin
1934 14.2 Year of the Dog Wood, Yang
1933 26.1 Year of The Rooster Water, Yin
1932 6.2 Year of The Monkey Water, Yang
1931 17.2 Year of The Goat Metal, Yin

Chinese Astrology

When you have found your own animal sign, you can advantageously examine which animal signs people around you have. Some of the twelve animal signs get along better than others. It is not just about the best partner match. The harmonious relationships – or lack thereof! – is also believed to apply to your interaction with your colleagues, friends, etc.

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