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The cups represent the emotional plane. They reflect our inner, emotional reality. When you draw a Cup card it points to your emotional reactions to the situations you face. This can also be expressed as Cupsne showing emotional expressions of awareness.

When we react emotionally to physical reality, we are in Cups.

Arcana Minor (the Little Mysteries) covers from No. 1 to No. 10 in each of the tarot set’s four series. Each series represents different aspects of the personality. Arcana Minor deals with the concrete physical reality, and contains knowledge about concrete subjects such as nature, geography, the laws of physics, mathematics, etc. Here, what happens on the physical plane is told. Beaker no. 1 through 10 are in the Arcana Minor

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The last 4 cards are Court cards. The Court cards are the four highest tarot cards in each of the four series. These cards are called Page, Knight, Queen and King. In other words, very similar to normal playing cards.

While the Major Arcana deals with the overall development we humans have to go through – and the Minor Arcana deals with the concrete physical reality – the court cards are about the interaction we have with other people, about human behavior, psyche and mind.

If a court card is drawn, it shows that mastery at a certain level has been realized and is applicable in the current situation. The Hoffkort’s series (Sword, Stick, Coins, Goblet) shows at what level of consciousness the championship takes place or is demonstrated.

The court cards can be seen as descriptions of sixteen human types, in the same way as the twelve zodiac signs (Western astrology), or the twelve animal signs (Chinese astrology). The court cards can thus be seen as a model that describes the typical thought and action patterns that each of the 16 personality types has.

These 16 personality types represent different aspects of the personality and are called the four physical masters (Coins), the four mental masters (Swords), the four emotional masters (Cups, Goblets) and the four spiritual masters (Wands).

Based on our name, we are all associated with one of the 16 court cards, and it is said to be the fundamental quality we carry with us throughout our lives. To have a harmonious and happy life, we must be able to master all 16 challenges.


Cups symbolize everyday emotional expression. Love joy. Hope and believe. Disappointments and expectations In Cups you also have harmony and community, humble feelings as well as jealousy. Here is the emotional flow of good and bad, what you experience and feel inside.

You want the feelings to develop, become a community, flow into a harmonious situation. All this goes under the collective name love, which is the hallmark of Cups. Dominance of Cups shows a lot of emotion and love in relationships.

Tarot | Cups | 1

Benestrate Ace Love
A new period of positive feelings, possibly a new love, a newborn child or something that touches you strongly. Conversely Losing something emotionally, unhappy. Limit ace stands for love. It could be the start of a new relationship or a new joyful phase in life. The card represents attraction, sympathy and/or strong feelings. You are creative and use your intuition.

Tarot | Cups | 2

2 Cups Community
A start to a new relationship. Harmony and joy. Conversely A relationship ends or is at risk of break-ups, arguments and misunderstandings. A very special person will appear soon. The attraction doesn’t have to be about love. It can also be cooperation, signing of contracts, commitments, partnership in the workplace, reconciliation, truce, friendship or a meeting with someone you like.

Tarot | Cups | 3

3 Cups Love
Happy celebration or great happiness and joy together. Love. Reversed Difficult to control one’s emotions, disappointments. Three cups represents abundance. You are successful, and feel safe and happy. Three cups also represent various forms of festive events in private life.

Tarot | Cups | 4

4 Cups The Waiting
Light-hearted and doesn’t take feelings seriously. Reverse Feels sorry for himself. Four of Cups appears when you are apathetic and bored. You tend to be pessimistic and focus only on difficulties and obstacles. You are tired of everything and want to be alone.

Tarot | Cups | 5

5 Cups Loneliness
Has difficulty choosing between two people, is alone and lost with himself. Reverse problems from unexpected quarters. Five of Cups appears in connection with faucet. It can be loss of money, possessions, relationships, work or loss of dreams, opportunities, prospects or reputation. The card also stands for enter.

Tarot | Cups | 6

6 Cups Joy
Harmony, joy with others, most likely family and old acquaintances. Reversed conflicts with self, possibly from childhood. Six of Cups shows when something from the past comes up. It may be memories from childhood that come back. Or perhaps an old friend, lover or colleague gets in touch. Most often, the card indicates a discussion about events in the past.

Tarot | Cups | 7

7 Cups Spirituality
An emotional choice – something has to be opted out. Reversed Fear of moving forward, lost. Seven cups is about dreams and illusions. Sometimes the card stands for intoxication and distortion of reality. In love, the card means strong unreal illusions and high ideals. You should find out what you really want and what is achievable.

Tarot | Cups | 8

8 Cups Confirmation
A turning point emotionally, wanting more and looking for more that you are likely to get. Conversely, afraid of getting burned, locks up their emotions. Eight of Cups means breaking up and turning your back on the old. This is a moment when you realize that the past is over. It’s time to move on. The card usually appears when something has become less important, for example a problem doesn’t feel as scary. You are now mature and an experience richer.

Tarot | Cups | 9

9 Cups Security
Is confident in himself, loves himself. Joy through other relationships. Conversely, deceive both oneself and others emotionally. You ask for a positive card, the card is the wish card. Here is pleasure for all the senses. Your wishes will come true, and you will be happy and satisfied.

Tarot | Cups | 10

10 Cups Happiness
Happy family life, great love and happiness. Reverse strife in the family, can feel stuck. Ten Cups refer to a satisfying family life. The card stands for lasting progress, success and achieved goals as well as joy, peace, inner and outer harmony, love.

Tarot | Cups | 11

Cups Page Courtship
Happy event, receiving something with love and care. A child with thoughtfulness and spontaneity. Conversely Something sad emotionally emerges. A child who makes emotional demands. Cups Page is a sensitive, young person. He thinks a lot about life, is romantic and has been led to dream away. The card can also indicate new beginnings,  falling in love or a pleasant fusion. The card also represents a child especially when the Empress is near you.

Tarot | Cups | 12

Cups Knight Passion
Loving proposals and occasions – passion. A charmer – a cheerful and positive man. Someone wants you emotionally. A young man who charms without being serious. This is your romantic, imaginative, sensitive, refined and introspective knight. The card indicates a situation full of love. It can look like something or someone is coming, it can be approaches, a messenger, benefits or invitations.

Tarot | Cups | 13

Cups Queen Jealousy
Dreams and care. A loving woman who acts according to her feelings. Conversely, false emotions. Manic jealousy. An untrustworthy woman who goes behind your back. The Queen of Limits is loving, sensitive and romantic. She always has a kind word for everyone. The card represents yourself, whether you are a woman, a close friend or your mother. If you are a man, Queen of Cups represents your friend, mother or partner.

Tarot | Cups | 14

Cups King Harmony
Statutory family relationships, family decisions. A strong and reliable man with lots of love. Conversely an insecure and false relationship that can become routine. A man who has problems with his emotions, possibly jealousy. King of Cups is a seducer, who knows how to play on emotions to get what he wants. As an enemy, he can be dangerous and vengeful. He is easily offended and can have bouts of jealousy. He is not boring or predictable. He is a born manipulator, and a gifted negotiator. The King of Cups can imagine a father, a teacher, a lover of women or a man of power.

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