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Tarot Wands

Wands represents the spiritual plane. They reflect our intuition, insight, self, identity, energy and vitality. When you draw a card of sticks, it points to an image of your own truth and authenticity.

Understood in the way that Wands is associated with a reluctance to fail. Stacks of cards therefore point towards what you deep down feel is right. When we manage to connect the physical reality with a self-understanding and the spiritual, we are in Wands.

Arcana Minor (the Little Mysteries) covers from No. 1 to No. 10 in each of the tarot set’s four series. Each series represents different aspects of the personality. Arcana Minor deals with the concrete physical reality, and contains knowledge about concrete subjects such as nature, geography, the laws of physics, mathematics, etc. Here, what happens on the physical plane is told. Stock no. 1 through 10 are in the Arcana Minor

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The last 4 cards are Court cards. The Court cards are the four highest tarot cards in each of the four series. These cards are called Page, Knight, Queen and King. In other words, very similar to normal playing cards.

While the Major Arcana deals with the overall development we humans have to go through – and the Minor Arcana deals with the concrete physical reality – the court cards are about the interaction we have with other people, about human behavior, psyche and mind.

If a court card is drawn, it shows that mastery at a certain level has been realized and is applicable in the current situation. The Hoffkort’s series (Sword, Stick, Coins, Goblet) shows at what level of consciousness the championship takes place or is demonstrated.

The court cards can be seen as descriptions of sixteen human types, in the same way as the twelve zodiac signs (in Western astrology), or the twelve animal signs (in Chinese astrology). The court cards can thus be seen as a model that describes the typical thought and action patterns that each of the 16 personality types has.

These 16 personality types represent different aspects of the personality and are called the four physical masters (Coins), the four mental masters (Swords), the four emotional masters (Cups) and the four spiritual masters (Wands).

Based on our name, we are all associated with one of the 16 court cards, and it is said to be the fundamental quality we carry with us throughout our lives. To have a harmonious and happy life, we must be able to master all 16 challenges.

Tarot Wands

The Wands symbolize creativity, activity, inner fire, work of all kinds, creation, construction and talents. creates out of. Rapid events, heat, intensity, opportunities, action, action, work, creative power, activity, motivation, dominance, creativity and energy. Work is your hallmark for the Wands.

Dominance of Wands indicates situations with work – could be a hobby, homework, school league, any form of education or a situation that requires time and commitment.

Tarot | Wands | 1

Ace of Wands Creativity
A new job opportunity. A new start, a stronger force within. Conversely Lose motivation, willpower and lazy. The Ace of Wands stands for new, creative projects. You want to get good career opportunities. New interests or creative hobbies may emerge. The card can represent a new job, new energy and a new start, and you may want to move.

Tarot | Wands | 2

2 Wands Ambitions
Stable foundation and promising continuation. Bonus or unexpected help. Power is an important element in a two-stick situation. You have a solid dose of courage, ingenuity and energy, and are ready to conquer the world. But you have to wait for success. A new factor lies until you can’t move forward now. You have to wait.

Tarot | Wands | 3

3 Wands Unexpected
Takes in a lot that may be unexpected. New opportunities. satisfaction. Conversely Difficult to find new ways forward. Tree Wands is about visions and premonitions. The start-up of a project has been successful. You have gained important insight and experience, and this gives strength. To reach further, you must be willing to trust your idea, take the first step and lead others towards the goal.

Tarot | Wands | 4

4 Wands Harmony
A successful project, community with others. Conversely Difficult to share, afraid of failure. Four Wands is a nice card for you. The card refers to festive occasions and celebrations. The goal is reached, the harvest is abundant, and you are full of joy. It can also indicate the need to break ties, and the encouraging feeling of freedom.

Tarot | Wands | 5

5 of Wands Conflict
Five Wands stands for strife, competition and conflict. You will encounter resistance and forces pulling in different directions. Maybe you have rivals.

Tarot | Wands | 6

6 Wands Success
Six Wands stands for victory and triumph. The card also says that you will receive good news. You have the victory despite opposition. Great joy in a successful work project, possibly a promotion or business trip

Tarot | Wands | 7

7 Wands Will
Seven Wands stands for conviction. Key words for the card are discussions, war of words, negotiations, trade war, barter and competition. You know there are enemies around you, but you have a good position.

Tarot | Wands | 8

8 Wands Communication
Eight Wands often brings news and messages of all kinds, which bring changes. The information may be distorted, so stay tuned. You are in an exciting and hectic period, which may involve a trip. Messages that can change your life.

Tarot | Wands | 9

9 Wands Overtime
Extra work that gives good returns and security. Reverse work that needs to be redone, uncertainty. You have faced a lot of adversity and are beginning to doubt yourself.

Tarot | Wands, Wands | 10

10 Wands Profit
Ten Wands means oppression and overload. You take on too much and push yourself too hard. You are probably a real workaholic. Things keep growing over your head and you see nothing but burdens and responsibilities. Safer position, full division of labor. Reversed Much toil without profit.

Tarot | Wands | 11

Page of Wands Passion
The card points to a pleasant stranger who offers opportunities for passion, excitement and adventure. You feel increasingly creative and inspired, and new ideas sprout. The card can mean that you will receive good news and reliable information. Page of Wands Page brings what was previously unknown to light.

Tarot | Wands | 12

Knight of Wands Change
The Knight of Wands is charming, friendly, confident, brave, intelligent, adventurous and passionate. But he can also be superficial, arrogant, foolhardy, restless and temperamental. The card can indicate big plans for the future. Perhaps you are talking about moving, changing homes, traveling or starting new projects. The card also stands for progress in work, but also for aggression.

Tarot | Wands | 13

Queen of Wands Destiny
The Queen of Wands is charming, friendly, loving, attractive, warm-hearted, energetic, smart, understanding, generous and cheerful. The card refers to physical and mental fertility, and feelings that translate into dramatic action. It can also stand for the country’s joys, loyalty, creative talents and financial success.

Tarot | Wands | 11

King of Wands Authority 
The King of Wands is creative, inspiring, authoritarian, charismatic, bold, honest, loyal and trustworthy. It feels natural to him to have power and be the center, and he is used to getting what he wants. The card often appears in connection with negotiations and agreements. It can indicate marriage, property deals, inheritance, business deals, charities or other financial deals. The card may indicate a happy love relationship. The card also stands for independence.

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