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The Dog
Chinese Astrology
A person born in the year of The Dog is loyal, fair, noble, intuitive and with a skillful per instinct. The dog has a caring and protective nature that always offers a listening ear. The dog’s extraordinary ability for insight and cooperation means that it can cleverly recognize and separate good from bad.

Stability combined with a weakness for suffering makes the Dog a trusted friend that no one else can match. Dogs have a strong sense of justice and are particularly good at finding logical solutions to challenges.

In the West, The Dog is man’s best friend, but in Chinese astrology the sign is a bit more unpredictable. Dogs are loyal, faithful and honest, but have a challenge in that they don’t really trust others. This is rooted in the Dog’s strong perception of what is right and what is wrong.

The dog’s mantra seems to be something along the lines of “live right, protect the small and weak and fight injustice in all its guises, whenever and wherever it appears”. This sensitive sign does best getting to know other people slowly and gradually. Without this trust as a foundation, the Dog can act judgmental and rough.

Dogs can have difficulty finding the right partner and are often so restless and over-concerned in their romantic displays that they stress out their partner. The ideal partner for the Dog knows how to take the Dog’s mile-high standards and bring them down to earth.

What the Dog himself should work on is to gain control over the many irrational worries he makes about the way the world is going. The dog is happy when it has the opportunity to construct something or other, so that the state of things gets better. Dogs also like to clean things up and make things neat and tidy.

Chinese Astrology

2018 16.2 Dog year Earth, Yang
2006 19.1 Dog year Fire, Yang
1994 10.2 Dog year Tree, Yang
1982 25.1 Dog year Water, Yang
1970 6.2 Dog year Metal, Yang
1958 18.2 Dog year Earth, Yang
1946 2.2 Dog year Fire, Yang
1934 14.2 Dog year Tree, Yang

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