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The Ox
Chinese Astrology
A born leader. A person born under the sign of The Ox  inspires and increases support for their environment. They are conservative, methodical and practical in nature. Their approach is often a step by step approach and they never lose sight of their goal. The Ox  believes in doing things right the first time. The Ox contains the skills to achieve great achievements.

However, they can sometimes be quite demanding. The Ox is strong and reliable. A person born in the year of the ox is diligent, hardworking, stable and calm. Despite the bull’s indomitability and respect for custom and tradition, it is undeniably a symbol of common sense and determination.

The Ox form strong bonds with their family and friends and although they are not the most romantic of animals, Taurus are devoted, protective and faithful partners. The Ox is always a good provider, who cares about the well-being of his family, and who without hesitation will sacrifice everything to protect and help his loved ones. The ox possesses great dignity and strong moral feelings.

The World sometimes perceives The Ox as a stubborn, pragmatic “my-way-or-the-highway”. However, The World’s view is not particularly on the mind of Ox, who prefers to do what they themselves feel is right. And perceives himself as being within his right to do so. The excellent abilities and strengths of the ox mean that it sometimes does not seem to need others. However, this is far from the case. The Ox loves to be with others, it just takes a little time before they invite others in.

Chinese Astrology

2021 12.2. Year of The Ox Metal, Yin
2009 26.1. Year of The Ox Earth, Yin
1997 7.2. Year of The Ox Fire, Yin
1985 20.2. Year of The Ox Wood, Yin
1973 3.2. Year of The Ox Water, Yin
1961 15.2. Year of The Ox Metal, Yin
1949 29.1. Year of The Ox Earth, Yin
1937 11.2. Year of The Ox Fire, Yin

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