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The Tiger
Chinese Astrology
The Tiger is sensitive, emotional and great lovers. They are extremely competitive, especially when it comes to honoring or protecting those they love and care about. The Tiger needs independence but loves to dominate.

The Tiger is the epitome of restlessness, adventure and the urge to challenge life. Undeterred by conflict, the tiger welcomes every challenge and enemy with unyielding desire and zeal. Intensive and impatient by nature, the tiger always strives to do his best, regardless of the size of the task.

Exuberant, charming and persuasive, the tiger can convince even the most stubborn to consider his way of doing things.

The Tiger’s strong sense of dignity, together with the ability and desire to face challenges, make them good – albeit difficult – leaders. Always restless and alert, they are not afraid to go after what they want. Tigers are honest and expect others to be honest with them, but they take criticism and disapproval of their actions very seriously. Tigers have natural authority, they are very charming and fun to be with.

Tigers are extremely brave and usually come out victorious from a fight, whether it takes place in the boardroom or the bedroom. Seduction is an art that The Tiger masters to perfection. Warm, classy and with a raw understated sex appeal that strongly attracts all the other signs. The Tiger uses this art of seduction not only towards the opposite sex.

A Tiger will fight to the bitter end if it is a worthy cause and will use all means along the way. A bit of caution is good when dealing with a Tiger, as they can act out without warning and experience emotional swings more intensely than most.

Chinese Astrology

2022 1.2 Tiger’s year Metal, Yang
2010 14.2 Tiger’s year Metal, Yang
1998 28.1 Tiger’s year Earth, Yang
1986 9.2 Tiger’s year Fire, Yang
1974 23.1 Tiger’s year Wood, Yang
1962 5.2 Tiger’s year Water, Yang
1950 17.2 Tiger’s year Metal, Yang
1938 31.1 Tiger’s year Earth, Yang

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