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The Rabbit
Chinese Astrology
Rabbits are people that everyone likes to be in the company of – caring, supportive, encouraging. They can sometimes seem a little too sentimental and superficial. They stay out of discussions, even if it means turning a blind eye.

A Rabbit will never knowingly harm another human being. Although they often seem like quiet existences, their intelligence and intuition will ensure them a good overview and understanding of all life’s situations.

Rabbits are popular and usually have a large circle of friends. A Rabbit has good manners, an exquisite style of clothing, loves fun and joy and finds it easy to involve others in this. The Rabbit is excellent at assessing a situation and comes up with a solution, an answer, when the time is right. They are sensitive lovers and seek a partner who can offer security in life.

With the right partner – one whose own high principles keep them from taking advantage of this sensitive sign – The Rabbit will be an incredibly loving and protective partner and family member. The Rabbit is often in danger of giving more of himself to friends and family than is good. The Rabbit loves to have guests in his own home, which is tastefully decorated.

Since The Rabbit is very sensitive, too many conflicts can result in The Rabbit withdrawing into himself and leaving the solutions to others. The Rabbit certainly does not like conflicts.

To the outside world, it can sometimes look as if The Rabbit is stuck, which is almost always rooted in The Rabbit’s own experience of inadequacy and the resulting inability to free himself from unfavorable situations and circumstances.

It is therefore also the most important lesson to learn for The Rabbit that this is good enough in itself. With his pleasant nature, combined with a somewhat acquired self-confidence, The Rabbit will be able to achieve great things in life.

Chinese Astrology

2023 22.01 Year of The Rabbit Water | Yin
2011 03.02 Year of The Rabbit Metal, Yin
1999 16.02 Year of The Rabbit Earth, Yin
1987 29.01 Year of The Rabbit Fire, Yin
1975 11.02 Year of The Rabbit Tree, Yin
1963 25.01 Year of The Rabbit Water, Yin
1951 06.02 Year of The Rabbit Metal, Yin
1939 19.02 Year of The Rabbit Earth, Yin

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