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The Dragon
Chinese Astrology
The Dragon is one of the strongest and luckiest animals. The Dragon is giving, intelligent and knows exactly what it wants and is determined to achieve it. The Dragons have naturally charming personalities and often have a lot of charisma that allows them to influence their peers and often be the center of attention.

The Dragons are popular individuals, although they are sometimes considered to be foolhardy and great in battle. The Dragons prefer demanding situations to everyday routines and are fully aware of the various rules that exist, but are hyper-aware that they are made for everyone else.

The Dragons are said to have great luck in love. They live, think and act big. Their pride and self-sufficiency can prevent them from seeking help even if they really need it. The Dragons really have enough in themselves, but thrive in relationships with others who also have large arm movements.

The Dragons’ big egos can get in the way of themselves, but more often than not these “larger than life” creatures have a knack for initiating big projects and keeping the troops motivated for them.

The Dragons are born lucky and through this quality they often achieve significant material benefits. However, money is not the main motivation of this sign. Power is what The Dragons strive for and what they feel they deserve. A wounded or beaten The Dragon is a sad sight. This magnificent creature refuses to take defeat with even the slightest bit of dignity.

Getting into trouble with a The Dragon is obviously not a good idea. The Dragons should learn to balance their desire for success with respect for the small joys of life and, in general, pay attention to working with their tolerance and flexibility.

Chinese Astrology

2024 10.02 Dragon year Water, Yang
23.01 Dragon year Water, Yang
2000 05.02 Dragon year Metal, Yang
1988 17.02 Dragon year Earth, Yang
1976 31.01 Dragon year Fire, Yang
1964 13.02 Dragon year Tree, Yang
1952 27.02 Dragon year Water, Yang
1940 08.02 Dragon year Metal, Yang

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