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The Snake
Chinese Astrology
The Snake is rich in wisdom and charm. The Snake is romantic and a deep thinker who is strongly guided by intuition. A Snake puts intuition and emotion above rational thinking and strongly believes in his own intuitions. This makes Slanger particularly suitable for any job where it is important to be at the forefront of developments and be able to gauge the trends of the time.

The Snake does things at its own pace and can suddenly change him and do something completely different. Others like to avoid the snake a bit, as it is considered to be a bit suspicious and secretive. However, this does not matter to the Snake, as it – although social at times – thrives best in its own company.

A Snake typically likes books and can thrive just being in the company of a book for an entire weekend. The Snake appreciates the finer aesthetics of life and exudes a magnificent calm in conflict situations.

The serpent’s ability to constantly renew itself characterizes its strength for rebirth and restoration. An indomitable and strong willpower  empowers the snake to achieve the overall goals, without ever losing sight or forgetting the heart of the matter. A person born in the year of the snake is said to possess mystical powers and great influence.

Snakes are considered lucky in money matters and will usually have more than enough to live life to the fullest. Snakes are – if not stingy, then at least very careful in money matters. In all life situations, snakes like to analyze things from a distance before jumping into something.

Deep down, the Snake is a bit insecure and therefore tends to be jealous and possessive. Despite that, however, the Snake is an irresistible and loving partner.

Chinese Astrology

2025 29.01 Snake year Tree, Yin
2013 10.02 Snake year Water, Yin
2001 24.01 Snake year Metal, Yin
1989 06.02 Snake year Earth, Yin
1977 18.02 Snake year Fire, Yin
1965 02.02 Snake year Tree, Yin
1953 14.02 Snake year Water, Yin
1941 27.01 Snake year Metal, Yin

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