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The Horse
Chinese Astrology
Horses are distinctly individuals. They are very intelligent and friendly. A person born in the year of the horse is strong-willed, independent and acts independently regardless of what attention is directed towards. Since the horse is quick-thinking and possesses a resolute determination, it is strongest in open-minded situations and moods.

Horses are good for money matters and energetic individuals who quickly become restless and are often seen going from one project to another, employment. Horses like to travel.

Horses find it easy to find a partner. They possess a raw sex appeal that attracts all the other signs. It is a little more difficult for them to hold on to their partner. As they have an inner longing for independence, freedom and generally a dormant longing, they quickly experience love as binding. The sign has excellent abilities in the art of seduction, is sharp in the line and can seduce an entire company with its charm and rhetoric.

The horse’s free spirit gives it many exciting experiences, but if it does not learn to tie itself to long-term relationships, occupations, etc., the restlessness will eventually become an end in itself. Throughout life, The Horse seems to suffer from an irrational fear of being exposed as a fraud. This is The Horse’s own high expectations of himself, which are expressed and often have very little to do with reality.

Horses are really well-respected, restrained and often their circle of friends knows them a little better than they themselves think.

Chinese Astrology

2026 17.2. Year of The Horse Tree, Yang
2014 31.1. Year of The Horse Tree, Yang
2002 12.2 Year of The Horse Water, Yang
1990 27.1 Year of The Horse Metal, Yang
1978 7.2 Year of The Horse Earth, Yang
1966 21.1 Year of The Horse Fire, Yang
1954 3.2 Year of The Horse Tree, Yang
1942 15.2 Year of The Horse Water, Yang

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