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The Goat
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The goat loves art and nature and is good at pampering itself. Goats are creative, cultured, have good manners, care about their appearance and usually appear well-groomed in a safe style of clothing. Purity of heart describes The Goat’s gentle nature – always soothing and accompanying. The goat loves attention and recognition and is quickly influenced by the harmony in its surroundings.

The Goat is known to be a good-natured soul. Except for a tendency to often go wrong, The Goat is charming to be with – caring, generous and inspiring. This creative sign is generally at their best in their own thoughts – which other more linear thinking signs can find difficult to decipher and follow. Goats are excellent in any occupation where they can express themselves mentally, without too many constraints.

Goats are not distinctly systematic and not particularly materialistic. They find abundant joy and wealth in their own great inner world. In love, however, The Goat is often a real wasteland and showers his beloved with many and beautiful gifts.

In love, The Goat needs to feel loved and appreciated. Otherwise, they start to wonder what could be wrong with themselves or the relationship. Goats are very artistic in this way and feel a little insecure deep down. If they do not receive enough recognition in their relationship, they can search into their own inner – big – universe.

The goat can usually get a lot out of learning to relax and let others pull the load once in a while. When they come to the realization that friends, partner and family are still there when they return from their inner escapades, life will be quite easy for The Goat.

Chinese Astrology

2015 19.02. Year of The Goat Tree, Yin
2003 01.02. Year of The Goat Water, Yin
1991 15.02. Year of The Goat Metal, Yin
1979 28.01. Year of The Goat Earth, Yin
1967 09.02. Year of The Goat Fire, Yin
1955 24.01. Year of The Goat Tree, Yin
1943 05.02. Year of The Goat Water, Yin
1931 17.02. Year of The Goat Metal, Yin

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