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The Monkey
Chinese Astrology
A person born in the year of the monkey is intelligent, inventive and humorous. The Monkey is ambitious in matters of money, power and success. It is designed for innovation and solving difficult tasks and problems. Being a convincing optimist, highly intelligent and at the same time practical, the monkey will not waste time and resources on misplaced undertakings.

Monkeys are born strategists and are well regarded for their competence, versatility and charisma. Monkeys are social and easy to communicate with – monkeys love to talk. They are good conversational partners and can contribute to most discussions, as they are quick to learn new things and at the same time very reflective.

Monkeys can hold most jobs, but become a bit redundant if they only engage in routine work. In social life too, The Monkey wants to have fun, be active and be stimulated.

Monkeys love to party and can often be seen swinging from one group of friends to another. With their energetic, festive nature, they are popular in their circles. The great zest for life that The Monkey has means that it can be unstable in relationships and its limited self-control can lead it into problems with unrestrained use of food, alcohol, drugs and other abuse. However, when The Monkey has control over himself, his great zest for life and adventure will give him excitement and interesting experiences.

The Monkey’s motto can be said to be that “everything must be tried at least once”. In order to have a truly harmonious and good life, Monkeys must learn that the world does not always center only on them, and they must learn – sometimes – to put the needs of others in line with their own.

Chinese Astrology

2016 08.02. Monkey year Fire, Yang
2004 22.01. Monkey year Tree, Yang
1992 04.02. Monkey year Water, Yang
1980 16.02. Monkey year Metal, Yang
1968 30.01. Monkey year Earth, Yang
1956 12.02. Monkey year Fire, Yang
1944 25.01. Monkey year Tree, Yang
1932 06.02. Monkey year Water, Yang

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