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Chinese Astrology | Animal sign The Dragon

Your perfect match is The Dragon! Here you get a partner who thinks and acts big. The Dragons actually have enough in themselves, but thrive in relationships with others who also have big arm movements. The Dragons strive for success and power. A wounded or abused dragon is a sad sight. This magnificent being refuses to accept defeat with the slightest dignity.

  • Chinese Astrology | Animal Sign Rabbit
  • Chinese Astrology | Rooster

You should avoid being in too much contact with the The Rabbit and The Rooster. Avoid having these animals as a partner in both love and money matters. There is disharmony and potential conflict when these animals cross your path.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with which animal signs you often cross on your way – friends, family, colleagues, etc. By paying attention to good matches, you can promote your mood, energy, wealth, love, etc.

Five elements | Water

Element Water
The rat is associated with the element Water. The twelve animal signs are related to the five elements, which mutually influence each other by being supportive, draining or destructive.

This affects the interaction between two or more animal signs. The animal signs that have elements that support each other will support each other and look after each other. While animal signs with elements that destroy each other will be destructive to each other.

  • Metal support Water: The Monkey, The Rooster
  • Soil destroy Water: Ox, The Dragon, Goat, Dog

Animals Zodiac

Year between the animals
Since the 12 Animal Signs are placed one after the other in a repeating cycle, they all have a certain number of years between them. In Chinese astrology, some differences are believed to be more favorable than others.

  • Zodiac signs 4 years apart are compatible: The Dragon, Monkey
  • Animal signs 6 years apart, cannot see each other at eye level, but their relationship can be fine if they accept their roles as e.g. oldest and youngest: Horse
  • Animal signs 3 years apart are not compatible: Rabbit, Rooster

Chinese Astrology

When you begin to understand the logic and benefits behind the Eastern way of thinking, you also begin to understand why it plays a big role for an Easterner to know his Chinese animal sign. This is a natural benchmark in a world where you define yourself based on the relationships you enter into – more than you define yourself as a detached individual.

For an Easterner, astrology is an integral part of daily life where everything is subject to the goal of creating optimal harmony between yin and yang.

The state where there is balance and harmony between yin & yang is not the goal in itself, but rather the position, action that will potentially bring the greatest progress, happiness, prosperity and luck, for both the individual, the group, the village, the community, the nation and the world as a whole.

Since this optimal state of harmony is assumed to be of a fleeting nature, it can hardly be predicted, let alone consciously and purposefully achieved and maintained. And thereby the mindset of constantly seeking towards the optimal state of harmony becomes a way of life, more than it becomes something to deal with separately.

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